A child’s early years are important ones, and COP ESD provides and takes
part in numerous early childhood programs and activities for infants,
toddlers, preschoolers, their parents, and others who work with them.  EO
This is done in collaboration with a network of community groups, agencies, organizations, and schools.

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Contact persons are given in each program area, or call Sam Cornelius, Early Childhood at COP ESD, 231 238-9394 ext. 216. GS
Links to helpful early childhood websites 

Michigan's Great Parents Great Start is part of Michigan's Great Start Campaign.  More information about Great Start is at http://www.greatstartforkids.org/  

TB Michigan’s Great Parents program website has a county-by-county directory of resources for parents of young children.  It was developed by the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators.  To see this information go to http://www.migreatparents.org/default.htm

Michigan’s Children has information about state policy and programming for young children and families, and updates on much legislation.  More information is at http://www.michiganschildren.org/

The Born Learning national campaign is an excellent source of information on early childhood development and ways to support children in their early years.  Their website is   http://www.bornlearning.org/  You can subscribe to their parent e-newsletter “Bits of Understanding” for regular tips on parenting and child development. 

Parenting Counts is a national parenting project done in some other areas of Michigan in cooperation with PBS.  For information about their project, go to their website at    http://www.talaris.org/parentingcounts.htm

Public Broadcasting’s “PBS Parents.”   website has information for parents of young children.  See it and their Early Learning information at  http://www.pbs.org/parents/earlylearning/parenting.html

Reach Out and Read (ROR) is a national non-profit organization that promotes early literacy by giving new books to children and advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud in pediatric exam rooms across the nation.  For information go to http://www.reachoutandread.org/

The Centers for Disease Control has information about the dangerous substance lead found in many common products.  A site with a good overview is:  www.cdc.gov/nceh/lead/Recalls/allhazards.htm 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website has information about products recalled for a safety reason- car seats, high chairs, toys, etc.  Go to:  http://www.cpsc.gov/    You can sign up for email alerts on new recalls of child products. 

Last Modified on August 2, 2012